Creative Finking offers a range of bespoke interior design services which are both approachable and flexible - we can help with anything from pulling together a small room, apartment, pied-a-terre, or any commercial space such as restaurant, office or a shop.


Whether you just wish to add a few statement pieces of furniture to complete a room, change the feel and colour scheme of an interior or you’re starting from scratch with a whole house or a commercial space – we would love to help. We don’t just focus on furniture or accessories; we can also provide a spatial design that would include architectural technical drawings that would consist of efficient use of the space, interesting, fresh solutions that are creative, yet functional. 


...finking 5 stages: 


Stage 1: initial consultation & site visit. 

At this stage, we meet the client, discuss all the requirements and visit the site (or receive drawings/ measurements and layouts to get the idea of the space when working remotely) 

Stage 2: concept design. 

It can be defined as the starting point of the creative process for a new space/room design.

What defines the elements of the concept design, usually presented on a 'creative board' are all the information and sparks obtain from the client brief. Substantially, it is a visual collage of sketches and images carefully selected to represent the mood and the feel that we would like to have as a final result of the interior. 

Stage 3: space planning & layouts.

At this stage, we are providing CAD drawing in any scale. We create the spatial design, furniture plan as well as architectural detailed drawings and others such as lighting, flooring or electrical plans.  

Stage 4: designing process. 

It is the most complex part of the project. Working closely with the client, holding regular presentations, we design interiors in details, making sure the space will meet all the requirements as well as functions. 

Bespoke furniture is being designed at this stage, joinery drawings are produced. Everything that needs to be delivered to the contractors, carpenters and suppliers, is provided at this stage. With an extreme attention to details, we make sure that our high standards and client's needs are met and fulfilled.  

Stage 5: styling, execution & material specification. 

Artwork, textiles and decorative accessories should be beautiful yet also relevant, functional and unique. With our extensive supplier data base as well as own artwork we produce, this is the process of adding 'that last touch'. 

Also, it includes deliveries of goods that we can handle with our project management services, provision of detailed documents (material specification) as well as regular site visits until the project is fully completed and everything is just... PERFECT.